Top 10 Hacks for Garage Safety
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Top 10 Hacks for Garage Safety

How Safe if your Garage?

Garages are great for storing your car, tools and old bits and bobs, but it’s important to keep items safe.

Keeping your garage locked and secure from a burglary and safe for your family members is essential, here are our ten top tips.

  1. As always, lock your garage doors and garage windows (if you have them). If you have an attached door to your garage and house, ensure that this is always locked too. To make this door even more secure you can add a deadbolt lock to the door.
  2. Garage doors often have simple lights at the centre handle, locking garage door bolts can add extra security to your garage door.
  3. Install motion sensor lights on your garage, this will deter night time burglars. Many garages have very dim interior lights which do not provide optimal vision when checking that the interior of your garage is safe.  
  4. Organise your garage so that if you need something, it’s easily found, and if something is stolen you can easily identify it.
  5. Frost your garage windows so that no one can see your possessions or car.
  6. If your garage is connected to your house, ensure that the connecting door is a fire door. If it’s not you should look to change this – see our Fire Door blog post here. You can even invest in a garage door security defender.
  7. When in your garage make sure the house’s door is locked, this simple tip is easily forgotten. Even if you are just nipping to the garage, make sure your doors are securely locked.
  8. Inspect your garage door to see for any damage to the cables and pulleys, you need to do this every month so that you can spot any visual damage easily.
  9. If you have an automated garage door with a remote control in your car. Do not leave your remote control in your car, as in recent years car have been broken into or stolen to gain access to the home.
  10. Ladders need to be stored correctly in your garage, if unattended a burglar could use the ladder to break into the second story of your home.


We hope you find these tips useful, there are lots of ways to keep your garage safe from intruders and keep your possessions protected.

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