10 reasons why you need a replacement car key

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There are many times when a replacement car key would come in handy.

You might be running late for a meeting or appointment.

You could be on your way to work, wanting to get home or rushing around to meet someone.

In all these scenarios, what would happen if you lost your car key and didn’t have a spare?

At best, you lose a bit of time while you run around frantically trying to find it. At worst, you miss your appointment, let people down and face a costly bill to get a replacement sorted.

Is it really worth the hassle?

A replacement car key from Grays Locksmiths can give you the peace of mind of knowing that even if you do lose your car key, you’ve got a spare so you’ll still be able to use your vehicle when you need it.

What’s more, it can often be easier and far more cost-effective to invest in a replacement car key to keep as a spare, rather than fix the problem once your key is lost. Prevention is better than cure, right?    

There are plenty of scenarios in which you can save yourself a lot of time, money and hassle by having a replacement car key to use if you need it.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should consider getting a replacement car key:


It’s usually always cheaper to get a replacement car key while you still have one that works, because it’s easier to copy an existing key than it is to gain entry to your car if its locked, or remove and replace the locks.

Peace of mind

Losing your only car key can be a major hassle. Not only do you have to go to the expense of getting a replacement sorted, it can often take a lot of time to sort out, which is no good if you’re in a rush.

So, even if you have a working car key, it makes sense to keep a spare somewhere safe as back-up if you need it.


The used car marketplace is competitive and tough. Buyers, whether trade or private, are always on the lookout for ways to knock you down on price. But, if you have at least two keys with your car, it makes it far easier to sell at the price you want than if you only have one.


As we said earlier, it’s not just the cost of buying a replacement car key you need to consider. Losing your car key can cause a huge time delay while you get it sorted, which is no good if you are already running late. Far better to have a replacement car key that you can use in an emergency. 


If you have a modern remote transponder-type car key, it’s far easier to create a duplicate if you already have an existing key. If you don’t, your locksmith will have to go to the hassle of accessing your car’s ECU to remove the data to code the new key. With some cars, the ECU may even have to be wiped and reprogrammed, which can come with a hefty price tag.  

Multiple drivers

If you share your car with other people – your partner or a family member, for example – having only one key can increase the risk of losing it. Having one or more spare keys means each driver can have their own key so if one loses theirs, there is always a replacement to hand.


If you lose your car key, you’ll probably have to wait for an emergency locksmith to come out and see you, or you may even have to get your car to a garage for them to sort it for you. If you have a spare, you can drive it there at your convenience, rather than having to wait around for a tow or a costly repair.


If your only car key falls into the wrong hands, your car is at risk of being stolen.

If you have a replacement car key, however, it’s easier to take your car to a locksmith as quickly as possible to get a replacement car key cut and programmed and get the data from the old one erased so it is rendered useless.


In some newer car models, remote key fobs store pre-defined settings based on the driver’s preferences in teams of heating, air conditioning, mirrors, seat position and in-car entertainment volume. If you’ve got a spare, you won’t need to go to the hassle of reprogramming it all every time you start your car.


Let’s face it, locking our keys in the car is something that most of us have done. This can be a pain to sort out if you don’t have a spare – it means either having to smash a window or call a locksmith and both of these cost money. It’s far easier to have a replacement car key, so you can simply open the door or boot to retrieve your keys.

Enquire about our replacement car key service

A replacement car key from Grays Locksmiths could save you hundreds of pounds, as well as the time and hassle of sorting it out in an emergency.

Our fast and responsive service covers replacement car and van keys, transponder keys, remote fobs and flip keys, all of which can be supplied using manufacturers’ remotes and blades, or after-market copies.

We use the latest in car and van key cutting and programming technology and can supply replacement keys to around 95% of vehicles on the road today, with accuracy and speed.

From our security centre in Nottingham, we can supply new, fully programmed remote key fobs for your vehicle in around an hour, as well as disabling lost keys and remotes to stop them working if they get lost or stolen.

We offer 24-hour call outs and can often be with you within an hour, so if you would like to enquire about our replacement car key service, give us a call on 0115 942 2315 or get in touch via email.