24 Hour Boarding Up Service

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Our Boarding Up Services are available 24 hours a day in Nottingham.

Our expert engineers carry 22mm OSB board as well as tools for cutting and fixing 24 hours a day. A service which has been taken advantage of twice this past weekend.

By leaving a broken window or door un-repaired you are instantly putting your property at risk from further break-ins, damage and squatters, which can result in a larger problem.

A weekend of boarding up calls

The first call out was to board up a large shop front in Nottingham city centre following a disturbance at 1am on Sunday morning. A job which was made difficult by over inquisitive, worse for wear revellers pouring out of a night club next door.

The property was boarded up and made secure, and having taken measurements for the glazing we were back on site the following day to remove the boards for the glazing to be replaced.

The next call was unfortunately a much more upsetting experience. We took a call from a young lady in Derby who had been broken into during the night. Having spent the night at a friends, she returned to find a broken window and several items missing from her house, a set of keys had also been taken along with her car from the drive.

We took measurement for a replacement double glazed unit and boarded up the window. Because a set of keys had been taken we also changed the locks, a British standard 5 lever sash lock in the back door and a Euro cylinder in the front door.

The lady was understandably in a distressed state and asked us to fit an alarm system, not wanting to take advantage of such an impulse purchase from a distressed customer I suggested fitting an alarm in 2 days time when we returned to replace the double glazed unit, giving her time to change her mind. Because she lived alone she decided that she wanted the piece of mind that the house was alarmed. We returned two days later and installed a wireless alarm for less than £350.

We understand that having your property broken into, whether it is your home or workplace, can be incredibly stressful and you'll want to feel secure and protected as soon as possible. Dealing with distress and upset following break ins is unfortunately part of our job, but its a good feeling that we can provide reassurance to our customers that their homes are secure upon our departure.


If you are in need of any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.