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5 Benefits of Gate Automation

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Gate automation is a necessity for many commercial businesses if you want to ensure your business is protected and kept safe from unwanted guests and intruders such as burglars. We’ve also seen an increasing number of households that are installing gate automation to their home, again for greater protection and peace of mind.

Here are 5 great benefits of gate automation for both domestic and commercial properties.

Manage Entry and Exit to your property 

Gate automation allows only those who have permission to enter a property. Whether you’ve give your colleagues fobs for their cars or whether the delivery man needs to press the intercom to enter. Gate automation allows you to control of who enters your property. You can have peace of mind that intruders or people who you don’t know will not be entering your properties grounds.

And you don’t need to remember to shut the gate because, as the name suggests, automated gates close on their own.

Security Benefits

As obvious as it sounds, automated gates add huge security benefits to your home or commercial property, unwanted visitors are kept out and your property is more secure from intruders like burglars. CCTV cameras can be added for additional protection too, to ensure if a break in did occur, you have evidence to seek justice.

With automated gates, you don’t need to worry about family members or colleagues losing keys for the gate. If you have pets or small children, you can also have piece of mind that they will be protected and can’t run out into the road. You have complete control.

Durable & Robust Gates

Metal Automatic gates are durable and robust in the event of a break in. An intruder would not be able to force down the gate.

There are different types of gate automation and different ways to access a property, whether through a fob, ID swipe card or keypad, there’s a range of options and intercoms available.

Protect your Assets

Whether your commercial building is on a main road or is secluded, automated gates allow you to protect your assets. Whether you have a warehouse full of expensive stock or your home, car, and family to protect.

You can also know that when you leave your home or office at night, your property is protected. The same goes for if you’re inside your property, you also know that intruders can’t drive up to your property. You also won’t receive cold-callers knocking on your door.

Increase the value of your property

A new buyer will have peace of mind that they will be protected and secure in their new home. This added security will increase the price of your home as your home is well protected. Automated gates have famously added exclusivity to homes as they add a grand entrance to the property.


Before you decide to install a new gate, talk to the team at Grays Locksmith to discuss your options. Automated gates have become more affordable in recent years and were once seen as a luxury item. We can come to your domestic or commercial property and discuss your needs and offer expert advice and opinions to ensure you are happy with whatever level of security you choose for your home or business property.

We offer excellent customer service and have a friendly, professional team that will be more than happy to help you. Contact us today on: 0115 942 2315.