5 Benefits of Security Grilles for your Business

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Ensuring that your office or business is secure from thieves is a big worry for business owners. Protect the windows and doors to your business or commercial building with security grilles or retractable gates.

We’ve found that around 80% of the security grilles we install are fitted after a break-in. Take the steps today to making your premises safer with a visible deterrent. You’ll also be protecting your business from future losses and unnecessary costs.

Here are our top 5 benefits to installing Security Grilles for your Business.

1.      Security Grilles and Retractable Gates Offer Maximum Security

Security Grilles offer a physical barrier from the burglar to your high value possessions. If you only had an alarm installed, by the time the police make it to your premises, they may have already taken your laptops, stock and cash.

2.      Strong Heavy Duty Security Grilles Protect against Thieves

Like most forms of security, there are stronger and more durable security grilles which offer the highest level of protection for your business. These offer great protection and peace of mind.

3.      Security Grilles are Versatile

From large display shop windows, to reception areas, sever rooms and schools. Security grilles are suitable for numerous buildings which need protecting. Security grilles stop entry into the premise, but you can also add retractable gates from inside the property, this is a popular option for domestic properties, but also suitable for small offices as the grilles can be hidden behind curtains in the day.

4.      Security Grilles are visually pleasing compared to Security Bars

Folding grilles allow your shop or commercial building to look great in the day but maintain a high level of security at night. Security bars can make your office or commercial building look a bit like a prison and shows that you’ve got something worth protecting. Grilles offer solid protection without looking unfriendly in the day. Our security Grilles also come in a range of colours to suit your building or brand.

5.      Insurance Requirements

Security Grilles can help you to meet your insurance requirements and may lower your premium.

Bespoke Solution for your premises

When choosing Grays Locksmith for your security grilles, we will visit your property, discuss with you a plan to meet your needs. Our team will then take the necessary measurements before designing a solution that suits your mind. Along with a working alarm system, your building will be protected. See our alarms and CCTV pages here.

Don’t delay in securing your property, contact us today on 0115 942 2315.