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5 benefits to Access control systems for commercial premises

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Controlling who accesses your building or commercial premises is often a difficult job. People come and go, and you often see people walking through the building who you don’t know.

Here’s five benefits of how access control systems can really help businesses control who comes in and out and to which parts of the building people have access to.

1. Staff Access Management

Do all of your staff require access to all parts of the premises? Some members of staff may need access to the whole building, but some will only need access to the main entrance and their office.

You also won’t need to worry about lost keys or doors left unlocked. Staff simply need to remember their PIN or access card. Staff attendance can also be monitored for a more efficient work force.  

2. Protect your assets and intellectual property

If you have high value assets, sensitive information or innovative products or machinery, access control can really help. Protecting your intellectual property is your right, so it’s important to protect your asset for the sake of your business.

There’s always a risk that someone could gain entry to somewhere they shouldn’t and access control systems help to eliminate this risk whilst protecting your valuable assets.

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3. Our Access Control Systems can suit the majority of budgets

An Access control systems may seem like an extra expense that you don’t need to pay for. We can help to provide a secure solution that can meet your budget requirements but also to a high quality. 

4. Access Control Systems Are Tailored to each Premises

Access control systems can be applied to single entry doors or across multiple sites and buildings. Lifts and car parks can be linked to control systems, as can lighting and heating systems to reduce energy costs too.

The systems can be tailored to the needs of your company, and if you have specific requirements the team at Grays Locksmith Ltd can help to devise a security plan for the premises.

5. Safety of your employees

If your employees want to come in early to work or finish late they can whilst feeling secure and protected. Employees can have access to building when you decide. If you don’t want employees to enter the building after 8pm or at weekends you can implement date and times to restrict access.

These systems help to keep your building and staff safe, we recommend installing a system across your premises for maximum security, see our access control page for further information. Get in touch today to make your commercial premises secure.