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Since 1987, Grays Locksmiths Ltd has been one of the most trusted installers of burglar alarms in Nottingham.

We’ve been providing Nottinghamshire homeowners and business owners with the sort of advanced burglar alarm systems that guarantee total peace of mind.

We’re installers of Visonic products, which in our opinion are the most advanced and reliable burglar alarm systems currently available today. At Grays Locksmiths Ltd, we offer a comprehensive package, with no salesmen, no contracts, and one price – as little as £399, including installation and VAT.

The Visonic Range– Professional Grade Wireless Security for Home and Business


Grays Locksmiths are installers of the full range of Visonic systems and accessories. The Visonic range of wireless panels answers various needs and budgets, and are easily expandable with a very versatile range of accessories. All of the systems offer outstanding flexibility and ease of use.

Grays Locksmiths are professional installers of the following panels:

PowerMaster 30


Powermax Express

Powermax +

Powermax Pro

Powermax Complete

A professionally installed, modern burglar alarm system is an invaluable means of preventing crime for homeowners and business owners alike. In terms of both security and convenience, few modern systems can compete with Visonic products.

The versatile Visonic range of systems combine a full range of communication and configuration options into a single affordable wireless panel. From the user’s perspective they are incredibly easy to use and, if necessary, easy to expand. With the ability to install IP communication modules, not only can the Visonic PowerMax protect your property when you’re not around, it can even alert you by phone should it detect a break in.

Whether you’re looking for protection for your business or your home, look no further than the Visonic PowerMax for professional grade wireless security, and look no further than Grays Locksmiths Ltd as your trusted local burglar alarm system installers.


Burglar Alarms Nottingham Installed By Grays – £399 Includes…

·         One door contact

·         Two passive infrared (PIR) sensors

·         Control panel

·         Bell box

·         Two remote handsets

All for just £399, including installation and VAT.

This basic system is ideal for most residential properties and for smaller businesses. For larger properties, the system can easily be expanded with a range of accessories, including additional PIR sensors, additional door contacts, tremor sensors, and panic buttons.




All of the Visonic panels are easily expanded with a range of versatile accessories including:

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Gas Detector
Smoke Detector
Flood Detector
Outdoor Motion Detector
Curtain Detector
Temperature Detector
Magnetic Contact
Indoor Siren
Additional Outdoor Siren

When integrated with one of the communication options the Visonic panel can even notify you by phone when any of the detectors are triggered. This is incredibly useful. For example, if your property has a high flood risk your panel will call you when moisture is detected, giving you the chance to get to the property and implement defence measures.


Visonic Alarm Servicing and Repairs


Here at Grays Locksmiths we don’t believe in tying our customers into costly service contracts like many alarm installers do. We will however send you a reminder every 18 months giving you the option to book a service call.

We don’t only service and repair alarm systems we have installed, our service team are happy to repair faulty systems and service systems installed by other companies, who maybe don’t offer the service.

If you’ve moved into a new property with a Visonic alarm system and you are unsure how to use it, our engineers can check your system over, clear any faults, provide new user codes and key fobs, and provide training on how your system operates.

The cost for an alarm service, excluding parts is £45 + VAT.


Nottingham Burglar Alarms Installation Services    


As Nottingham’s foremost burglar alarm system installers, we can install any Visonic system, no matter how elaborate, in the space of just a few hours - without disrupting your business or your home. We always recommend professional installation to avoid the risk of incorrect set-up and faulty alarms.

Our engineers will install the system at a time that’s suitable for you and your family, and it’ll only take a few hours – we won’t be in the way for long.

Because the system’s completely wireless, there’s no need to drill holes through walls and run cables through your property.

We’ll then test the alarm sensors and ensure the system is working throughout the house, before giving you a demonstration of how to use the system and its features. You’ll be left with easy-to-use fob keys, meaning you don’t have to worry about remembering passcodes, and we’ll leave you with a handbook which we recommend you read for future reference.

So not only is the Visonic PowerMax one of the most advanced alarm systems available, it’s also one of the most convenient.

If you need a quote, or any other help or advice, fill out the form below, or contact us today on 0115 942 2315.


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