Do you have a Spare Car Key?

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Losing or misplacing your car keys can be extremely inconvenient if you don't have a spare set. An all to common feeling for most people is the dread of not knowing where you last saw you keys, followed by the worry of 'what if someone else has taken them'. It's super important to make sure you have a spare set of keys that are kept at home or somewhere different to your usual set. For example, you wouldn't want to keep both set in the same bag, because if you misplace or have that bag stolen, you've lost both keys!

We can replace your car keys or create a spare!

Car keys play and important role in our day to day life, and having a spare car key can often save the day. Misplacing keys is a common problem and it happens to us all, having a spare key cut for those off-days can make your day so much easier.

It’s recommended that you do have a spare car key for emergencies. At Grays locksmith we have the latest car key programming equipment to provide an affordable service to our customers.

We try to replace your car key in a cost effective way and we ensure that our services are the same yet cheaper than your car’s manufacture. One thing we know from experience is that having a spare key can often be a life saver!

Car Key Services at Grays Locksmith Nottingham

The car key cutting process we use is highly accurate and the keys that we cut are guaranteed. To cut a new key, the method we use is not damaging to your car and we try to make the process as smooth and as quick as possible.

Our Car Key Services

In 90% + cases we can provide a copy car key at less than half the price of your main dealer. To ensure that we can provide new keys for most car models, we stock a huge range of car key blanks and transponder chips. Our key cutting machines are state of the art, ensuring accuracy. And our software for transponder programming is kept up to date.

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If you don’t have a spare key or you need to replace your key, get in touch today for a cost-effective solution.

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