What Is Euro Lock Snapping and How to Protect Your Property Against it?

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Euro Cylinder Lock Snapping is a method of entry used by some locksmiths, and unfortunately burglars. This method of lock snapping involves breaking the euro lock cylinder to then manipulate the lock to open.

Whilst you may think that all the multi locking points on your door make it secure, it’s important to consider that they are all operated by the cylinder – this is the weakest point and if compromised all the locking points are rendered useless. Thieves can use hammers and screwdrivers to snap the lock in a very short space of time, sometimes even seconds.

How Common are Euro Cylinder Locks?

Most UPVC and composite doors installed within the last 15 years are highly likely to include Euro cylinder locks and operate in combination with a multipoint lock.

Around 25% of burglary's are carried out using this method, and many police forces across the UK have run campaigns highlighting the issue as it requires no specialist tools or knowledge.

How to prevent lock snapping

Identify the locks used in your property

Take a look at the locks in your doors to identify if you have a Euro profile cylinder. One of the most important preventative measures is to have the correct size of euro cylinder installed, keep an eye out for "sticky out cylinders" on your property. If you can grab it with a pair of mole grips, you can snap it in seconds. But even with the correct size cylinder, the handles can be attacked to get to the cylinder.

Purchase Anti Snap Euro Locks

Anti-snap Euro locks are designed to break at a pre-cut position which then leaves the rest of the cylinder intact thus protecting the mechanism and keeping your property secure. At Grays Locksmiths Nottingham, we stock a range of anti-snap cylinders in our security centre.

We recommend TS007 Kitemarked 3 Star cylinders, designed to protect snapping as well picking, bumping, drilling and plug extraction. The alternative is to purchase a TS007 1 star Kitemark cylinder combined with a TS007 2-star armoured handle or lock surround giving you a three kite mark star solution.

Fit High Security Handles

The second line of defence is high security handles which protect the cylinder from attack.

To purchase cylinder locks and for our installation service

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