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Fire Door Requirements

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Fire doors are a legal requirement for public buildings, businesses and rented properties. Protecting yourself, your property and those using/coming in and out of your property is of the highest importance and therefore, it is imperative you understand fire door requirements and standards. They have two main functions, they stop the spread of a fire and they provide as an escape route during a fire.

Fire Door Regulations

Fire doors are made from timber and can come in a variety of finishes and can have up to two-hour fire resistance. Fire doors are essential for buildings as they give occupants 30-60 minutes to leave the building, and have the important function of entrapping smoke. If the fire door is damaged in any way then it may not perform to the highest standard.

Fire Door Compartmentation

Fire doors act as a barrier, which is why fire doors act as one of the best ways to effectively reduce the spread of a fire from one area to another.  They also allow escape routes to be left fire and smoke-free.

Fire Doors requirements include the following:

  • Door closers so that the Fire door automatically closes.   

  • Intumescent seals along the sides of the door, known as a ‘cold smoke seal’ which expand when reacting to high levels of heat.

  • Four Hinges that are BS EN 1935 grade 11 or 13.

  • Panic hardware fitted to the door, either a panic bar or push pad is used.

Different Types of Fire Doors:

  • Single Fire Exit Door
  • Leaf & Half Fire Exit Door
  • Double Fire Exit Door
  • External Fire Exit Door Can Also Be Made From Steel

Do you need a Fire Door upgrade?

Many deaths occur due to the smoke from a fire, rather than the fire itself so it’s essential that your fire door complies with fire regulations, to restrict the spread of smoke. Last year it was announced that many UK Fire Doors are ‘Not up for the job’ says the Locksmith Journal, and a vast majority of current fire doors need to be replaced.

At Grays Locksmith Ltd we understand the intricacy of Fire Door safety. Our Nottingham based team have experience with repairing faults with Fire doors.  Our door installation service reflect changes in Fire Door regulations and legislation. Contact us today! on 0115 942 2315