How can you keep your windows secure?

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After the front door, windows are the second most common entry point for burglars. There are a range of ways you can keep your windows more secure. 

From thorny plants to heavy-duty steel bars, we take a look at some methods in which you can improve the security of your windows, starting with some of the simpler ones.

Lock your windows

It may sound simple, but windows are left unlocked far more than doors. Indeed, older windows may not even have an adequate lock. You should ideally have a key-operated lock on every window – this is a requirement on some home insurance policies so is worth checking. Remember to keep those keys away from the windows though!

If you have French windows, remember that the lock securing them is only as strong as the door. Invest in strong bolts to fit to the top and bottom of the doors.

Hide your valuables

Again, another simple one: with fewer valuables on display, your property will seem like less of an easy target. Keep them out of sight, or close the curtains to hide what’s inside if you’re away.

Thorny plants

Putting thorny plants underneath windows adds that extra obstacle to a would-be thief. Anything that can help deter them from breaking in is beneficial. 


If a window is particularly vulnerable, consider installing security lighting. This is a cost-effective solution which works to deter criminals and make your home feel safer.

Shock alarms

There are other more technological ways to help secure your windows. Shock alarms are low-cost sensors which are fitted to your window. They sense vibrations – such as someone trying to forcibly gain entry – and on doing so let out a loud noise.

Shock alarms are easy to install and affordable, and they look inconspicuous on your windows.

Security film

It’s possible to purchase self-adhesive security film, which helps protect against attacks on the glass by preventing it from shattering. If the glass is harder to break, the criminal is likely to be deterred.

Reinforced glass

Reinforced glass is the next step up when it comes to making glass harder to break. Using tempered or laminated glass, instead of traditional glass panes, is a great way to add that extra layer of security.

Window bars

If you require ultimate window security, you can’t do better than getting steel security bars installed. This low-tech solution means that even if an intruder does manage to break a window, they’ll be unable to enter the premises.

These are an effective deterrent, as they make it clear that it’s going to be hard work to enter the premises.

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