How does the cold weather affect your home security?

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Now is the time for the warm cups of tea, thick blankets and woolly hats - Winter has well and truly arrived. But what does that mean for your home security? Could a bit of frost really do that much damage? We’re here to take a look at what measures you should put in place to protect your property from damage.

Winter storms can wreak havoc on all aspects of our lives, and often our homes can be damaged by strong winds, snow, and disastrous downpours of rain. These storms can also cause power outages which in turn puts your home at risk, doors and windows to get stuck and locks to freeze over. It’s important to ensure you are as prepared as you can be before it’s too late.

How do cold weather conditions affect home alarm systems?

Freezing temperatures and strong winds can cause power cuts so it’s important to have a battery backup in your home alarm systems. That way, in the event of a power outage, your system will switch to the battery rather than cutting out completely. But remember your system cannot function on battery life alone, you will need to fix any issues caused by the storm once it is over.

If you have already installed your alarm system with battery backups, that’s great! However, once we start to get into those freezing temperatures it’s crucial that you still test your alarms every so often as cold weather can shorten a battery life.

Will the quality of my CCTV be affected?

CCTV cameras and other outdoor surveillance are subject to extreme weather conditions all year round, but the Winter months are where the problems arise the most. If condensation builds up on the inside of the camera this can then freeze in the lower temperatures and distort the vision as well as potentially causing the camera to short circuit.

Access control systems may also be affected by cold weather conditions when ice and snow builds up around them.

To prevent major issues with CCTV and Access control systems carry out routine checks to ensure no lasting damage is caused.

Prevent house door locks from freezing

In the Spring and Summer months, moisture tends to make its way into our door locks which means when Autumn and Winter arrive this can cause the nuisance that is frozen locks. To prevent your locks from freezing, apply oil to them before the first frost of the year, this will allow a protective layer to form to stop moisture like condensation from being affected by the cold temperatures.

If you find it is too late to put these preventative measures in place you can use de-icing spray or WD40 to thaw the ice.

Can doors and windows be affected by frost and ice?

As well as locks being affected by frost and ice, the doors and windows themselves can be negatively affected by the cold weather conditions. uPVC door frames contract when exposed to cold temperatures and this change in alignment is what causes the problems, and the same can be said for uPVC windows.

Can snowballs damage windows?

In short, no. A harmless snowball fight between children won’t do any damage if one were to hit your window. However, caution should still be taken in case stones and pebbles get mixed in with the snow as this could cause cracks in the windows. Moreover, sometimes snowballs are actually ice balls which can do much more damage when thrown with force.

Although every caution may be taken by yourselves and children playing in the garden and on the street, in the event that a window gets cracked or broken we can carry out UPVC window repairs, and UPVC door repairs at a fraction of the replacement cost in 95% of cases.

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