How to choose the right locksmith

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Locksmiths are usually trained, qualified and professional tradespeople who carry out highly specialised work to help keep your home or business secure.

Because of the specialist nature of their work, choosing the right locksmith is vital.

There are many traders and DIY enthusiasts out there who can turn their hand to most general maintenance tasks, but when it comes to your locks and security, you are always better off leaving things to an expert.

But just how do you choose the right locksmith, and how do you know they are reputable, trustworthy and qualified to take care of your request?

Here are a few handy tips…

Look for local Derby locksmiths

There are many individuals and companies on the market offering locksmith services. A lot of these operate nationally and provide general maintenance services, rather than specialist locksmith services.

Many of them advertise their freephone numbers in phone directories or on the internet but provide very little other information about themselves.

While many of these might be legitimate, the chances are if you don’t know who they are or where they are based, you have no way of knowing if they are reputable and trustworthy or not.

If you are looking for a reputable locksmith with a good reputation, then look for a local locksmith.

Grays is a Derby locksmith that has been in business for more than 30 years and has built up a strong reputation in the local area for our speed of response and the high-quality service we provide.

It’s always a risk calling a number you have seen in an emergency to help you get back into your car, home or business if you are locked out, or make your property secure again after a break in.

At least with Grays, you have the peace of mind of knowing we are a Derby locksmith with a longstanding reputation in the local area.


Seek recommendations for Derby locksmiths

There is nothing better than word of mouth or recommendations when it comes to finding a locksmith or other tradesperson.

So, if you do need a Derby locksmith in an emergency and you’ve never used one, before rushing to call the first number you see, ask your friends and family.

Chances are they may have used a locksmith before and can recommend one to you.

Again, local is better, not only because you will be able to check out the locksmith before you give them a call, but if your problem is urgent, chances are they will be able to get to you quickly to sort it out.

Check their locksmith credentials

Before you choose your locksmith, it’s always a good idea to check their credentials.

Review sites like Trustpilot and Trust a Trader are a good way to quickly check if a locksmith is qualified or reputable – their reviews will also give you a good idea about how their customers feel.

However, if you want to ensure you are dealing with a reputable locksmith, check that they are registered with the Master Locksmith Association’s (MLA) Approved Company scheme. If they are, it means that they have been vetted, are regularly inspected and employ a locksmith with the right qualifications and experience.

Grays is a Derby locksmith which is a longstanding member of the MLA Approved Company scheme. We are also compliant with BS3621 standards and up to date with current insurance legislation, so you can use our locksmith’s services with confidence and peace of mind.   

Ask for an estimate

Before committing, always ask your locksmith for an estimate for the work they are going to carry out for you. Most reputable locksmiths will agree the price with you up front and advise if there might be any hidden charges or other issues.

If you do call a national freephone number, you run the risk of paying a premium for the service and the price getting hiked up once the job is started. Again, a reputable locksmith will give you a detailed estimate of all the work involved up front, as well as guarantees and warranties once the job is done.

Give Grays Locksmiths Derby a call

If you’re looking for a reputable Derby locksmith, then Grays can help.

We’ve been providing professional and trusted locksmith services to the people of Derby and its surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

We strive to stay ahead of all the latest security trends and developments, so we can offer our customers the most up to date solutions available and all our services are designed to give peace of mind. To find out more, call 01332 404255.