How to keep your business safe during the coronavirus crisis

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on our everyday lives.

Businesses and consumers alike have had to make sacrifices big and small to help prevent the spread of the virus. Lockdown restrictions have led to many companies having to find new ways of working.

Thankfully, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

With the UK set to undergo a partial easing of restrictions over the next few weeks, as the UK begins to emerge from lockdown, many businesses will be able to return to their workplace and welcome back staff and customers.

If your business premises have laid empty during the lockdown period, or you are concerned about protecting your buildings, assets and stock as you return to your usual day to operations, here are a few commercial security tips for you to consider…

Business alarm systems

This one might sound obvious, but if you have a business alarm system, make sure you use it and keep it well maintained and serviced.

If you haven’t been to your premises for a while because of lockdown, is always a good idea to test that everything is working as it should.

If it’s been in regular use, or has been unused for a while, then getting it checked over by a professional to make sure it is still working is essential.

CCTV systems

Similar to a business alarm system, if you have CCTV or security cameras at your workplace, you should carry out a few quick tests to ensure they are switched on, recording properly and are positioned correctly, to monitor any areas of concern.

Although security cameras won’t physically prevent a crime from being committed, they do provide a strong visual deterrent to would-be criminals. And when it comes to capturing evidence which can help track down intruders or recover stolen property, they are invaluable.

Making sure they are working as they should and keeping them maintained will go a long way to protecting your business with CCTV.

Security lighting

Another crucial element of business crime prevention is exterior security lighting.

It can help light up dark and dingy areas around your business where criminals may lurk and, again, make potential intruders think twice about breaking in or causing criminal damage.

Check to ensure all the bulbs are working and replace any non-functioning ones as quickly as possible. If there are any additional dark or unlit areas around your business premises, consider installing extra lighting to address this.

And if you have motion-activated lighting, make sure all the sensors are working correctly and triggering the lights when activated. Again, while this won’t physically prevent a crime from taking place, it will act as a great deterrent to anyone lurking nearby.

High value items

Chances are, you will have a lot of expensive equipment laying around your place of work, such as laptops, computers, electrical equipment, specialist machinery, stock and even cash.

Taking extra steps to secure them within your business will pay dividends.

That means moving them from high-visibility areas and away from prying eyes, covering your windows and doors so people can’t see in and even locking them up in safe storage, if you have it.

Your business alarm system can be set to cover any internal doors or rooms. And it might be worth considering investing in a commercial safe to keep some of your smaller items of property, along with any sensitive commercial documents, secure.  

Security signage

While security signage is another measure that won’t prevent a break-in from taking place, it can act as a deterrent.

Signs such as ‘No cash kept on premises’, ‘Business monitored by CCTV’, or ‘Covered by 24-hour surveillance’, may make would-be thieves think twice about breaking in. It may make them think either that there’s nothing worth stealing, or that you have security measures in place that will increase their chances of getting caught. Every little helps!

Security policies and procedures

If your business and staff are returning to work after a long period away because of lockdown, then it might be an idea to do a review and audit of your security policies and procedures.

For example, do you know how many key holders your business has, and do they know what their obligations and responsibilities are?

Do you use a security company and if so, do they know your main contact there?

If there is an incident, do you have policies and processes in place to deal with it? What about your business insurance?

It’s worth reviewing your security policies and procedures in light of the current situation, just to make sure they are as effective as they can be as the economy opens back up.

Business watch

You might not be in a formal ‘Business Watch’-type security scheme, but if you are based on an industrial estate, share an office block with other businesses or work in a row of shops, it’s always worth checking in with your neighbours and looking out for each other’s businesses.

You can quickly share intelligence about any suspicious activity or people in your area and inform your security company or the police if necessary. It will add another level of peace of mind to know that there is someone looking over your property.   

Give Grays Locksmiths a call

When it comes to business security, prevention is usually better than cure.

However, the ongoing coronavirus lockdown has impacted the way many businesses operate, and you would be forgiven for placing other business priorities ahead of your commercial security.

However, if you are concerned about protecting your business premises as lockdown winds down, or simply want some security advice for a bit of peace of mind, we are here to help.

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