How to Prevent a Burglary

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Help to prevent a burglary in your home with these 13 simple tips. Studies have found that homes with no security and properties which look unmaintained are more likely to be broken into.​

1. As always, lock your doors, windows and garage doors even when you’re at home or in your garden. Modern locks on windows and doors are more secure and by adding deadbolt locks to your door you are adding extra security.

2. Make sure that your windows and doors are visible and not hidden by overgrown trees, as thieves are able to hide in shrubbery.

3. Try not to reveal too much on social media, by ‘Checking-in’ at the airport on Facebook, all of your friends will then know that you’re out of the country. Make sure your social media privacy settings are ‘Private’ and not ‘Public’ so that only your friends can see your posts, and remove anyone on Facebook who you are suspicious of.​

4. Evidence shows that alarm systems deter burglars, however if your system looks old and rusty there’s a chance that thieves may take the risk and break in.

protect your home from burglary

5. Don’t leave spare keys in the usual places, such as under plant pots or door mats as burglars are aware of these locations. Leaving keys with a trusted neighbour is your best bet.

6. Make sure that your valuable items are hidden from passers-by. Privacy curtains can help to reduce visibility iPads and laptops left in prominent positions around your house. 

7. Leaving the boxes from Christmas presents outside your house advertises to thieves your new possessions, hide and demolish cardboard boxes to reduce this risk.

8. By adding gravel or small stones that are loud to tread on, you can deter burglars. 

9. Maintain gardens and the appearance of your house so that your house looks lived in and cared for.

10. Automatic outdoor lights can help to deter burglars as witnesses could pass by. Although if your house is more secluded, an automatic light could help burglars to break in as they have better visibility.

11. Install timed lights in your home but make sure that they switch on at realistic times, 6pm-11pm would make the house look lived in.

12. Install CCTV in your home, this is an expensive option but is likely to deter burglars the most.

13. Cancel any newspapers or milk deliveries when you’re on holiday so that nothing is left on your door step which would highlight that you’re not home.

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