Key Cutting Nottingham

Many businesses offer key cutting services, but wouldn’t you rather rely on the expert knowledge and techniques of a trained and professional locksmith?

Gray’s Locksmiths has been providing reliable key cutting services to the people of Nottingham since 1987. Call in to our retail store, and our trained engineers will be able to quickly cut keys for any and all of your domestic and business needs.

Whilst on the road, our call-out engineers carry locks and products from all of the major manufacturers and so they will be able to provide you with a new set of keys without having to make a return visit.


Key Cutting Services - Keys we can duplicate

  • Mortise Keys
  • Cylinder Keys
  • Cavity Keys
  • Flat Keys
  • Rim Keys
  • Pipe Keys
  • Pin Keys
  • Dimple Keys
  • Safe Keys
  • Transponder Vehicle Keys
  • Radial Pin Tumbler Keys
  • Keys To Code

We provide Security Key Cutting which is essential for businesses and commercial properties.

Trust the Nottingham key cutting specialists

It’s much more convenient to get your keys cut at the supermarket or in the town centre, so why should you use a Master Locksmith cut your keys?

At Grays Locksmiths we pride ourselves on the very high accuracy and quality of our service, we will only supply keys cut on the highest quality blanks. Budget key blanks used by others to maximise profit can ware very quickly and are not made with the same precision as a quality blank significantly impacting on the quality of keys cut.

Grays Locksmiths keep up with the very latest in key cutting technology. Our computer guided electronic machines cut keys to a very high degree of accuracy.

The experienced eye of a Master Locksmith can pick up on slight defects in your keys, and restore your newly cut keys to there original form rather than just duplicating the key faults and all.

There are several stages in making an accurate key, which are overlooked by many, making a high quality key either to a lock, or from an original is the art of the Master Locksmith.

Contact the key cutting Nottingham specialists

Contact us to discuss your key cutting requirements today. Accept nothing but the best. Choose Grays for all of your key cutting needs.

Key Cutting Services in Nottingham
Key Cutting Services in Nottingham