Master key suite for Landlords

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As a Landlord, it’s likely that you’ve had a call from a tenant whose lost their key and needs a quick replacement. Instead of running to the locksmith when this happens, you could decide to have a master key suite cut with Grays locksmith which will save both time and money for both parties.

Master Key Systems give you the flexibility of controlling who can access different buildings, departments and rooms.

What is a Master key suite?

A master key suite allows for one key to fit in one lock for tenants, and the landlord has the Grand Master key which opens all locks. By creating a master key suite, landlords only need to carry one key and can contact Grays locksmith Ltd when they need a new key cut for any one of their residents.

How can a Master key suite system help Landlords?

  1. A Master key suite can be used by landlords who have one property but multiple tenants or multiple properties and multiple tenants. We will tailor the suite of keys to match your specific needs.
  2. By installing a master key system for your properties you are improving the security of the locks and reducing the risk of losing multiple keys with this efficient solution.
  3. By having a master key suite cut by Grays Locksmith Ltd, when you need a new key cut for a tenant we can send out a replacement key or the tenant can collect the key from our Nottingham store. This reduces the need for yourself or the tenant to go to a locksmith to get a key cut, again saving time.

Will a Master Key suite meet my needs?

Master key suites are useful for anyone with numerous locks and who is looking to control the security of their keys. Suites can be developed for: mortice locks, cylinders, padlocks and cam locks. Master key suites are also used for commercial properties, offices and hotels.

Grays Locksmiths have been designing, building and maintaining master key systems for almost 30 years. We have supplied suites nationally for schools, hospitals, government buildings and student accommodation.

We're experts in all things locks and keys and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and professional yet friendly team.

Call Grays Locksmith Ltd today to discuss master key suites further on: 0115 942 2315.