Personal Safety Tips

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We have put together a number of tips that we believe are essential when it comes to personal safety.

There are some basic safety tips that you and your family members should live by:

  • Try not to walk alone in the dark, but if you do, avoid wearing headphones. This will mean you're more alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Let people know where you are. By giving a friend or family member details of your whereabouts, they will know if something has happened when you don't return by a certain time, or don't get in touch with them again for a period of time.
  • Never give out your bank or card details.
  • If you see something suspicious – report it to the local authorities. Even if you think what you've seen or witnessed isn't 'serious enough', it's always better to call the police.

Your Personal Information

Keep your personal details safe at all times.

As you’ve probably heard before that investing in a shredder can massively protect you from identify theft and fraud. We would also discourage you from writing down your passwords and from having them on display in your home, diary or even saved in your mobile phone as these items can easily be misplaced.

If you have private or important documents that cannot be shredded, we would advise investing in a safe or at least a secure box or cabinet to store them in. This will make it more difficult for any would-be burglars and intruders to access sensitive information.

Mobile Phones Safety Tips

Our phones play a large role in our daily lives, yet they can lead us to be in potentially unsafe situations. More of us are receiving cold calls on our mobile phones, we recommend that you hang up and do not give out your personal details or allow the caller to identify you.

Remember - your bank will never ask for your bank details over the phone so if they do, hang up the phone as this means they're likely a scammer.

Personal safety

When walking in public places we suggest that you don’t walk and text, sometimes it’s hard not to, but keeping your eyes on the surrounding traffic and people around you can help aid your safety. On the same note, be aware of how loud your music is playing, can you hear on-coming traffic?

Make sure your phone isn’t on show or hanging out of your back pocket, as pickpockets are often active in towns and cities.

There is currently lots of talk about phone hacking and cyber-attacks, it’s essential that you do not give out your personal details to websites that do not look trustworthy.

Safety in your home

As you’re likely to be aware, ensuring that your doors and windows are locked at all times is vital and installing an alarm is one of the best deterrents there is.

When you first move into your property, get the locks changed and if you’re renting a property seek the landlord’s permission first. This way you will know who exactly has access to your home.

When it comes to cold callers, see who it is first. Make sure you ask for identification if they are from the “Gas Company.” Have the confidence to close the door and refuse entry to anyone who knocks on your door. This includes people who want to use your home phone that are in distress, make the phone call for them as they wait outside. 

Exterior Home Safety

Installing motion lights around your home can help your security during dark evening and also deter burglars from lurking around your home as they would be in full view to passers-by. Additionally, add lots of noisy stones and pebbles around the perimeter of your home, as burglars will then be heard if they try to break in.

Your Safety Matters

Your personal safety is important, if you see or hear anything suspicious, trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation.

Make sure that you report a crime, no matter how small it may be or how worried you are.

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