Property Improvements for Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)

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There are several rules and regulations for houses of multiple occupancy, that landlords need to comply to. At Grays Locksmiths, we can help landlords to improve their properties and comply with HMO laws.

What is house of multiple occupancy?

A property is classed as a HMO when it is occupied by at least three separate people who are not related. With this, comes many regulations for landlords including, keeping the property in a sound state of repair, fire, gas and electrical regulations, and specific locks.

Here’s three ways that Grays Locksmith can help you comply to HMO regulations.

Locks for Houses of Multiple Occupancy 

We supply and install locks compliant with HMO regulations, from simple one off upgrades to large master keyed systems. We are a member of the Master locksmith association which ensures that our services are of the highest quality and are recognised by governing bodies.

An important regulation to note, is that in the case of an emergency, keys should not be needed to exit the property. This ensures that everyone can escape quickly and safely without the need of a key (free egress). This is also true for all internal rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms. We recommend reviewing the locks in your property and getting a quote from our team.

UPVC Window and Door Repairs for House of Multiple Occupancy

To ensure that your property is fully secure, issues with damaged windows and doors need to be addressed urgently. Both windows and doors not only need to lock securely, they also need to open freely and not stick or jam, this is especially important for fire exit windows and doors.

We have access to a wide range of replacement UPVC window components, we can help you to comply to HMO standards. Any new window that you have repaired should be double glazed, all safety and security measures should  be followed stringently.

Door repairs and replacement doors for House of Multiple Occupancy

All internal HMO doors should be a minimum of a FD30 to stop the spread of fire through the building. They should be fitted accurately with no more than a 3mm gap between door and frame, smoke seals and door closers should be installed and maintained.

All external doors should be secure and offer free egress from the building.
Additional features to make your property safe:

Our HMO services

We will only provide approved locks and repairs to your property, to give you and your tenants the highest quality service. Get in touch today to ensure that your property complies with HMO regulations.

For further information on HMO regulations visit the Nottingham city council advice.