Shed Security Tips

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Sheds are often a popular target for burglaries – what can you do to beef up their security? We’ve shared some great shed security tips.

People can underestimate the value of what’s in their shed, but they’ll often contain expensive bikes, tools and gardening equipment, making them an easy target for burglars. In fact, a survey by The Crime Prevention Website found that only 14% of sheds are ‘very well’ secured. Although sheds aren’t designed to withstand a determined attack, there are several shed security tips you can follow to make your shed and the valuables in it less of a target.


Make your shed hard to access in the first place

When positioning your shed, position it as near to your house as possible – at least ensure that you can see it easily from inside the house.

Additionally, ensure that your garden gates are secure and locked. You can use natural deterrents to good effect, too: place thorn bushes around the side of the shed to deter criminals, or place gravel around it so that anyone outside the shed will make a lot of noise. 

Avoid keeping expensive items in the shed

Although sheds tend to become dumping grounds for what you can’t fit in your house, avoid keeping anything particularly expensive in the shed if possible, such as costly power tools or golf clubs.

Identify weak points

Before you start worrying about buying locks, start with the basics! Inspect the shed for any weak points or problem areas – look for rotten roof slats, rotten areas of the door or window frames. Patch up any holes in the roof, fix loose slats and reinforce or replace any weak or rotten areas.

Don’t display the contents

At a basic level, you could use some old curtains to obscure the view from the outside.

Moving up the security scale and depending on the value of the contents of the shed, you may want to secure the windows. This could be done with laminated (toughened) glass, or by fixing a purpose-made grille against the windows on the inside of the shed.

Inspect the hinges

Shed security can be improved by bolstering the quality of the hinges. If they’re loose and exposed, they’ll be easy to unscrew, particularly as sheds tend to use short screws. You could replace vulnerable-looking hinges with a new set that has a non-removable pin. Secure them with coach bolts, which have smooth heads so can’t be undone with a screwdriver. 

Use good locks

Fit a high-quality hasp and staple to the shed and secure this with coach bolts too. Use a quality padlock in combination with the hasp and staple – it’s recommended to use closed shackle padlocks. These have less of the hoop exposed so are hard to use bolt cutters against.

For extra security, use two sets of hasps and staples and padlocks. Place one about one third down from the top of the door, and the other about one third up from the bottom.

Inside the shed, you can lock large items together with a chain or cable lock, making them hard to carry away if access is gained. A barbeque chained to a lawnmower isn’t going to be the easiest thing to get away with!
















Use a security light

To further increase your shed security, you could use a motion-activated security light. By lighting up the area, these act as a great deterrent against thieves. However, only fit a security light if the shed is visible from your home.

By following these shed security tips, you’ll have improved your shed security, and ensured that it’s as hard as possible for would-be burglars to access your belongings. Contact us today if you require any security advice for your domestic or commercial property.