Top 10 Tips for Garage Safety

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    Garages are great for not just parking your car, but also for storing various items that you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have space for in your home.

    When you have so many valuables stored in there, it’s important that you know about garage safety.

    Garages can be prime targets for burglars. In 2012, the number of thefts in garages, sheds and gardens increased by 10% over the year, due to relaxed security when compared to our homes.

    However, that’s not the only thing to be aware of. You never know when something unexpected like a fire, or broken wires could occur.

    These 10 hacks will help to keep your garage safe and secure, in the case of any of these events.

    1. Lock the Door

    Just like you would (or should!) in your home, make sure your garage door is locked – no matter whether you’re at home, or away. If you have a connecting door from your garage to your house, lock that too.

    Burglars are opportunists, and will seize their moment. If your garage door is unlocked, not only could they steal items stored in the garage, they may also try to enter your house.

    2. Add Bolts

    Garage doors often have a simple lock at the centre handle, which shouldn’t cause too many issues for the seasoned burglar.

    To keep your garage safe, consider adding either a door bolt or padlock as another preventative method for would-be criminals.

    3. Install Motion-Sensor Lights

    Whilst the installation of motion-sensor lights won’t cost much, they’re a great garage-safety hack. Most garage lights are dim, which is great news for burglars, as they have less chance of being caught… but that’s not good for you.

    Motion-sensor lights however, will light up once the burglar has entered the garage, notifying you and nearby neighbours, increasing the chances of them being caught. In most cases, burglars will run off when the lights turn on, keeping your garage safe.

    4. Organise Your Stuff

    It can be so easy just dumping stuff in your garage and forgetting about it, but that means it can be so much harder trying to find items.

    Take the time to organise your garage so that you know where everything is. Not only will it be easier to locate items, you’ll also be able to identify whether or not something has been stolen.

    5. Frost Your Windows

    Not all garages have windows, but if yours does, make sure you follow this hack for garage safety. Frost your garage windows so passers-by can’t see what you keep in there.

    You wouldn’t leave your phone or laptop by the window in your home, so why wouldn’t you follow the same safety precautions in your garage?

    6. Add a Fire Door

    Garage safety isn’t just about protecting your home from criminals, it’s about keeping yourself safe too.

    Fire doors are a legal requirement in buildings for two reasons: they stop fire from spreading, and they act as an escape route.

    If your garage is connected to your house, you should ensure that the connecting door is a fire door, helping to keep you safe in the unlikely event of a fire.

    7. Don't Forget Your Home Safety

    Your front and back door should always be locked, but double check this before you go to the garage. You can never be too careful…

    8. Check the Cables

    Every month, set some time aside to inspect your garage door, and see if there is any damage to the cables or pulleys.

    Pulled or snapped cables are easily visible, and can quickly be repaired by experts, at not much cost.

    Damaged cables can not only risk your safety, but make access to the garage easier, so doing this can help to keep you – and your home - safe.

    9. Hide the Remote Control

    If you park your car in the garage and have an automated garage door, the simple option can be to keep the remote control in your car.

    This is not good for garage safety however, and should be avoided at all costs. If a criminal has gotten your car keys and the remote is in your car, they can make a quick getaway. Instead, hide the remote control in a safe place, or keep it in your bag.

    10. Install an Alarm

    Installing a burglar alarm – and setting it – will help to alert you, should any intruders attempt to break in. The noise alone should be enough to scare them off, keeping your valuables safe.

    There are several ways in which you can keep your garage safe from intruders, and your possessions protected. If you have any other garage safety hacks then tweet us, as we’d love to read them! Alternatively, for more information on how to keep your home and garage safe, head on over to our website. 

    We hope you find these tips useful, there are lots of ways to keep your garage safe from intruders and keep your possessions protected.

    There are several ways in which you can keep your garage safe from intruders, and your possessions protected. If you have any other garage safety hacks then tweet us, as we’d love to read them! 

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