How to keep your business doors secure

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Your door is the first line of defence for your business, so making sure it’s safe and secure is essential.

This has never been truer than in the current climate, where the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has meant many businesses have had to close their doors and leave their premises empty due to social distancing.

More than 130,000 commercial break ins take place every year in the retail and wholesale sectors alone. In an estimated 34% of these crimes, the burglars gained access through the door.

A massive 89% of businesses in these sectors see protecting their doors and windows as their top security priority, while 79% also have an alarm system installed and 75% have additional exterior security measures in place.

So, nine out of ten businesses have bolstered the security of their doors and windows… if you’re in that number, great, but remember that your security measures will be effective only if they are used correctly.

However, if you are in the 11% of businesses that don’t have any extra protection in place, then you might want to consider acting now.

We always say that prevention is better than cure, it saves a lot of heartache in the long run.

So, if you are looking to bolster the security of the doors of your business, or have some measures in place but just want a refresher on what they are for and how best to use them, here are a few top tips to help keep your business doors secure:

Invest in good quality locks

This one is critical. Your business doors are only secure as the locks you used, so if you have lots of valuable assets within your premises that you need to protect, then it’s crucial to invest in good locks.

Without professional advice, this can be a bit of a minefield. After all, unless you have a real interest in locks, do you really know the difference between a good lock and a bad one, or even which locks are best suited to different types of operation?

A professional locksmith, like our expert team at Grays, will be able to provide you with a full security review and advise you on the best locks and other security measures you need to keep your business premises safe and secure.

This might mean upgrading your existing locks or adding additional measures such as anti-snap locks or deadbolts to add an extra layer of protection.

Review and replace your locks

There are many reasons why you might need to review your locks if you have concerns about who else might have access to them.

You might have recently moved into your business premises or started a new lease. You might have lost your keys or have concerns about an existing keyholder.

You may also need to change your locks to comply with your insurance requirements.

Whatever the reason, if you’re not sure who might have keys or access to your building, or if it has been compromised before, then changing your locks is essential.

Get smart

Smart locks and automatic door lock systems are increasing in popularity as an alternative to standard locks.

They might be more expensive to invest in, but they do give you a greater range of control over your door security, as you will be able to manage who can and can’t access your premises – both through internal and external doors – without needing to change your locks or keep track of who has keys. An added advantage is that smart keypads and or fobs can also let you log who is accessing your building, and the times they are accessing it, which will help you to identify and address any unusual activity.


Some general, basic maintenance measures to the doors themselves will also go a long way to improving your door security.

Painting your exterior doors can prevent rust, weather damage and uneven closure, all of which can have an impact on how effective your doors are.

Keeping the locks and hinges oiled regularly will help reduce wear to the mechanisms, to keep them functioning properly.

And keeping your doors as dry as possible will also go some way to preventing moisture getting into the locking mechanisms and causing internal damage – this is particularly important if you do have a smart lock with electronic components.

Be gentle

Finally, you should treat your doors with care.

Kicking or slamming doors, applying excess pressure to open them, trying to ‘force’ the locking mechanisms and letting your doors swing or bang into the frame can all affect the alignment and function of your doors and locks.

This, over time, can lead to problems.

If you notice your doors or locks have become misaligned or don’t behave properly, give a professional locksmith a call, as they can nip any potential issues in the bud before they become major problems.

If you’re worried about your business door security, give us a call

When it comes to business security, prevention is usually better than cure.

By installing just a few simple measures, you can bolster the security of your business, making it harder for would-be intruders to break in, for adding peace of mind.

If you’re concerned about protecting your business premises or simply want some security advice for a bit of peace of mind, we are here to help.

So, give us a call on 0115 942 2315, even if it’s just to ask us a question or talk about any security concerns you may have. We’d love to hear from you.