What are the best home security gadgets?

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Let’s face it, most people love a gadget, especially one that saves time or money or generally makes life a bit easier. But what are the best home security gadgets that are worth investing in? 

Firstly, it’s important to stress that when it comes to home security, you should always try to get the basics right first before spending money on gadgets that might be popular but don’t take care of the job they are intended for.

Around 400,000 domestic burglaries are reported in the UK every year. In around two-thirds of them, the intruders gained access through an external door. And around 27% got in through a window.

So, it’s clear that installing robust, high-quality doors and windows and locks is an excellent place to start.

Beyond that, installing additional security measures like external lighting, security shutters or screens, internal locks or deadbolts, and even a home alarm system, can all enhance your home security further.

But if you are a gadget fan and insist on having the latest must-have home security features, here are some things you could look out for…

Smart locks

If you’ve got a smart home alarm system, you can integrate electronic smart locks into it.

Electronic smart locks are keyless and wireless. They can be controlled by either a keypad, remote fob or even a mobile phone app.

This means they can be opened remotely, and you can grant temporary access to visitors, for deliveries, for example.

And, should the worst happen and you do suffer a break-in, you can receive an alert on your phone to let you know so that you can call the police or your security company for help.

Smart lights

Smart lights are another feature of a smart home alarm system. When combined with smart light bulbs and switches, they can be operated remotely to give people the impression that someone is home, even when you aren’t.

More than 70% of all burglaries occur when nobody is at home. With smart lights, you can schedule your lights to switch on and off at different times to make it appear like there is always someone in.

You can even monitor and operate them from wherever you are in the world, via a smartphone app, which is handy if you’ve gone away and forget to turn the lights off.

Smart blinds and curtains

Automated blinds and curtains which open and close remotely not only make life easier but can also provide an added security benefit.

Just like smart lights, they can make it appear like there is someone at home even when there isn’t. 

You can programme your smart curtains and blinds to open and close at a set time or control each one remotely via a smartphone app from wherever you are in the world. When you combine this with your lights switching on and off, it can provide a real deterrent to would-be criminals, sowing the seeds of doubt that your house may not be empty. 

Smart security cameras

Smart security cameras are another element that can be built into a smart home alarm system to keep your property safe and secure.

They can be installed in ay room of your choice or even integrated with your doorbell or in your front door, so you can keep a check on anyone visiting you, remotely and while you are not there.

Like all smart home alarm system modules, smart security cameras are wireless, meaning you can monitor them via a smartphone app.

Not only do they provide an excellent visual deterrent, but they can also record any suspicious or criminal activity. In the event of a break-in, this can prove to be vital evidence which can help police identify any suspects and recover your stolen belongings.   

Smart sensors

Protecting your home from criminals is one thing. Keeping your family safe from threats like fire, flood, gas leaks, or carbon monoxide is an entirely different ball game.

Smart sensors can provide peace of mind by monitoring a whole range of issues such as smoke, temperature, gas and moisture and alerting you to any problems immediately.

Again, smart sensors are incredibly versatile accessories which can be built into your smart home alarm system. They can be linked to your smartphone so even when you are not home, you can rest safe in the knowledge that any potential problems can be picked up and dealt with quickly.

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