What to Do When You Are Locked out of Your House?

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Being locked out of your home can be very frustrating. Of course, it always happens at the worst possible time, when we’re running late, or have a boot full of frozen food. But what do you do when you are locked out of your house?


Here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider, while the ice cream slowly melts into your car’s upholstery.


Remain Calm

When in this situation it is only natural to become worried. However, try not to panic, you have plenty of options available. People that remain calm when locked out of their house will get out of these situations quickly and most of the time with fewer pounds spent. There are lots of rogue locksmiths around, just waiting for a panicking customer. Remember to check the company you call is Master Locksmith Association (MLA) Approved. Being Master Locksmith Association approved is no mean feat. We are vetted, regularly inspected and fully qualified to handle your emergency situation.

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Try another door or window

We’re not suggesting for a moment that you should leave windows or doors open but have a check just in case you have left a window ajar in the summer months. If you are locked out of your house and you do find an open window, take care when climbing through. Do not scale a drain pipe or take any unnecessary risks. A locksmith may not be an expense you have planned for, but it’s certainly better than having to make a last minute dash to A&E with a broken leg.

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Call your family and friends 

Does a friend or a family member have a spare key to your home? Most people usually have one trusted person that they have given a spare key too. If they are at work, call an UBER to collect the key and bring it to you. If you are living in rental accommodation, call your landlord and ask them to open your door. For future reference, ensure you have a trusted loved one to contact when you are locked out of your house.

                                                                            call your friend when locked out of house


Try your neighbours

Coincidentally, your neighbour might be the one you trust with your key. If they don’t have a key you can still wait in the safety of their home until your locksmith arrives. This is particularly valuable for the young and elderly or if the weather conditions take a turn for the worse. Remember to change the locks on your doors after you have regained entry to your house. If you have lost or had your keys stolen, they may have fallen into the wrong hands. Protect yourself from future break-ins or trauma and get a registered locksmith to provide you with a new lock and keys.

                                                                           neighbour answer door when locked out of house

Break a window?

NOOOOO!! The expense of repairs following forced entry is always greater than calling out a professional. Grays Locksmiths can often open your door without even having to change the lock. Zero damage, once one of our professional Nottingham locksmiths have been, life can return to normal. No need to live with a boarded-up window or waiting in for further visits to carry out repairs. Attempting to force windows open from the outside can lead to personal injury or even invalidating your home’s insurance.

                                                                                broken window

Drill the lock yourself?

Whilst this option may be tempting in a stressful situation, and there are plenty of “hacks” to break into your home - often when customers have “had a go” it can take our locksmiths twice as long to open a lock. Also, parts which didn’t need to be damaged have to then be changed at greater expense. There are so many different types of locks, from deadbolt locks to mortise locks, having a go yourself will most likely end in failure. Breaking a window or knocking your door down should only in emergency situations, for example, if you’ve left the hob on or your baby inside on their own. If have broken into your home for an emergency we offer a full UPVC repair service. 


                                                                            drill a lock

Call a locksmith

In short, if you can’t get your spare key, and you don’t have an open window, call a locksmith. Grays Master Locksmiths Nottingham will save you time and money in your time of need. We offer 24-hour call outs and can often be with you within an hour. One of our qualified professional locksmiths will have your door open for you quickly and damage free. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our happy customer reviews!