Why do I need a business alarm system?

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Security is a key consideration for business owners.

The latest annual Crimes Against Business survey showed that there were 123,000 burglaries against businesses in the UK and a further 140,000 attempted break-ins. There were also 277,000 incidences of vandalism, 566,000 cases of robbery and a massive 8.9 million thefts.

Retailers and wholesale businesses are usually the easiest targets, followed by manufacturers and office-based businesses.

The figures make clear that business owners need to take steps to improve their security and

keep their premises, staff and customers safe.

A range of measures can be put in place to make your business premises more secure.

These include additional door and window security, more sophisticated locks and even improved security lighting or CCTV.

One of the best ways to protect your premises, for additional peace of mind, is having a business alarm system installed.

If you are thinking of doing this, here are some of the benefits:

Prevent break-ins

Unfortunately, the value of stock and equipment owned by many businesses is so high that it will always make them a target for would-be thieves and intruders.

So, keeping your business premises and property safe and secure should be a primary consideration.

One of the best ways of doing so is to install a business alarm system.

Business alarm systems provide an extremely effective visual deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking into your property.

Making it obvious that your building is protected will make people think twice before trying to break in.

And if someone does try their luck, the alarm will sound, alerting neighbours, police and your security monitoring company, which will not only cause the criminal to panic and try to escape, it will also prompt a swift response from the emergency services.

Deter vandalism

In the same way that a business alarm system can discourage would-be in intruders from entering your property, it can also provide an effective visual deterrent against vandals.

If they know your property is monitored and protected, they will be less likely to try and smash your windows, break your doors or cause any other form of damage which can affect your business.

Peace of mind

Usually, criminals will wait until they know your property is empty before they strike, as it will be easier for them to avoid getting caught if there is nobody around to catch them in the act.

The problem here is, many business owners can’t be on-site 24/7.

A business alarm system is designed to protect your business while you are not there and alert you if anything goes wrong, giving you the peace of mind of knowing it’s protected even when you are not there.


While business alarm systems are great for protecting your commercial premises, they can also help reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

By installing an alarm system, you are improving your workplace security and reducing the risk of a crime or other incident being committed against it.

Adding that extra layer of security not only provides peace of mind, it also proves to your insurer that you are taking proactive steps to protect your business, and many will offer you a lower premium price in return.

Increase detection

A business alarm system can alert you, your security company, the police and anyone nearby to a break-in. This will increase the chances of the intruder being caught in the act and brought to justice.

There is another benefit to this. If you still have people on-site when your alarm is triggered, this will alert them to the fact so they can take steps to either call the police themselves or at least not put themselves in harm’s way.

Commercial security services from Grays Locksmiths

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