Why do I need a home alarm system?

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A break-in or burglary at your home can have devastating consequences.

It can lead to the loss of valuable, sentimental or irreplaceable items.

You’ll face the cost – and hassle – of repairing any damage or waiting for any insurance payout.

And it may also leave you feeling unsafe or uneasy in your own home, knowing that someone else has been in there and rifled through your personal belongings.

Although the long-term trend for domestic burglaries in the UK is falling, there are still around 400,000 reported home break-ins every year.

Ten years ago, that figure was significantly higher as homes tended to be less secure. Also, home alarm systems were out of reach for many homeowners because of their cost.

Thankfully, over the past decade technology and awareness moved on.

This means that home security measures are now available to suit most budgets, while homeowners have a better understanding of potential crime risks and the steps they need to take to minimise them.

As a result, homes are now more secure, as their owners are becoming more vigilant in protecting their property from would-be criminals.

Benefits of a home alarm system

There are several ways of making your home more secure.

You could upgrade your locks and bolster your window security and door security to help make your home more difficult to break into. You could invest in enhanced security lighting and CCTV.

But one of the best ways to deter potential burglars and get some additional peace of mind is by installing a home alarm system.

While a home alarm system won’t make your home any more difficult to break into, it is a beneficial security measure for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, they are an excellent visual deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in. If a would-be intruder knows that your home is protected by an alarm, which will be triggered if they try to enter unlawfully, chances are they won’t want to take the risk of potentially alerting neighbours and the police and getting caught in the act.  

Secondly, you can also get your home alarm system monitored by a security company. This means in the event of a break-in, there will be a rapid response by a security guard, increasing the chances of detection. 

Another benefit of a home alarm system is by using modern smart technology, you can integrate your alarm with a host of other security measures. These include CCTV, access control, automated lighting control and other applications, to build the ultimate home security system.

Reasons for investing in a home alarm system

Although there are several benefits to installing a home alarm system, everyone’s reasons for investing in one may be different. Here we look at some of the most common reasons why you should consider one…


Deter burglars

Chances are, your home will be full of things which are valuable to criminals – smartphones, laptops, televisions, tablets and even car keys are all desirable items in the wrong hands.

Even more important, though, are the possessions which have sentimental value and are less easy to replace.

While keeping them under lock and key is the best way of protecting them, a home alarm system will provide an effective visual deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in.

Making it evident that you have protected your home with an alarm will make intruders think twice before trying.

Added peace of mind

Most burglars will usually wait until they know your home is empty before they strike, as it will be easier for them to avoid getting caught if there is nobody around to catch them in the act.

There are also instances where break-ins occur when the occupants are in the house but upstairs sleeping.

A home alarm system can provide added peace of mind by protecting your property when you are not there, or when you are asleep, and alerting you if anyone tries to break in, so you can get help and call the police.

If you are thinking of investigating yourself, though, we would always urge you to be cautious, take care and not put yourself in potential danger.


Lower insurance premiums

While a home alarm system can help deter criminals and prevent break-ins, they can also help bring down the cost of your home insurance.

Many insurers offer a price reduction on homes which have an alarm system installed, particularly if it’s one that is on their approved list of products.

So, if you are thinking of having a home alarm system installed, it’s worth asking your insurance company what discounts, if any, you may be eligible for and the sort of system you should be looking to invest in.


Increase detection

Let’s face it, a break-in can have a devastating effect on you and your family. You may lose items that cannot be replaced, as well as facing the hassle of replacing the ones that can.

You will also have to make your home secure again and may not feel safe there for a long time after a burglary.

But, with a home alarm system that’s monitored by a security company, you may stand a better chance of helping the police to identify who broke in and retrieve your stolen property.

Not only will monitoring alert you and your security company immediately and enable a quicker response, but this could also increase the chances of the intruder being caught in the act and brought to justice.

It also means that if you are home alone when your alarm is triggered, you can get yourself to safety rather than putting yourself in potential danger.

Home Alarm Systems Nottingham

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