Why you should use an MLA Approved Master Locksmith

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At Grays Locksmith Ltd we are members of the Master locksmith Association (MLA). This means that our services are regularly inspected to ensure that our clients receive an expert service when fitting and fixing locks for your property. Our engineers are passionate about improving their knowledge as well as delivering a qualified service.

Why use an MLA approved Master Locksmith?

When it comes to changing your locks, you want to make sure that you have commissioned a qualified locksmith who gets it right first time. Putting your security and your families’ safety in the hands of locksmith means that they need to be well qualified, and you can guarantee this when employing an MLA approved locksmith.

The benefits of a MLA licenced locksmith are:

  • Strong knowledge and experience
  • Your locksmith should include a pricing promise to ensure that prices are quoted before work begins
  • On-going training for locksmith is advised to maintain high standards, which is provided along with information
  • Locksmiths are made more accountable for their services
  • They can recommend products for their proper purpose and use
  • Expert installation and maintenance services

Additionally, any disputes or complaints are investigated, so you can feel confident when commissioning a MLA approved locksmith.

Why use an MLA Approved Company?

An MLA approved locksmith is vetted and regularly inspected by the association. By choosing an MLA approved company you are guaranteed to be greeted with a well-qualified approved locksmith. All of the locksmiths within the company will have met the MLA’s high standards, which means that their work will be of the highest standard too. 

A Trusted Association

The locksmith trade is not regulated by a government authority, but the MLA is the next best thing. As the MLA is a non-for-profit organisation that promotes the knowledge and skill within the trade, as well as keeping the integrity of the industry.

The Master Locksmith Association is recognised by:

  • The Police
  • The Home Office
  • The British standards institute
  • The Neighbourhood home watch

When choosing your locksmith we recommend that you look for the MLA approved logo. Contact Grays Locksmith Ltd today on 0115 942 2315 to find out more about our MLA approved services.