Window Lock Security Tips

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Burglar proof your home and business premise

When windows are left open your home could be under threat, whether the window is on the ground or first floor, burglars are often creative when wanting to gain entry.

You need to add locks to your windows.

Windows are more than often the point of entry in the case of a break in – Home Security Action have this figure at 66% of break-ins. Upgrading your locks or making sure that you have locks on your windows is essential.

With UPVC windows, you may think you don’t need locking window handles. However the rule is, if a human could potentially fit through the window, you need to lock it.

Some windows have latches rather than locks, which means that someone could potentially open it from the outside.

Are your windows secure?

There are lots of things to think about when checking the security of your window locks. Broken window handles or locks could lead to your home being at threat, so we suggest getting these fixed quickly.

Key operated locks

It’s often part of your insurance requirements that you have key operated locks on all downstairs windows to reduce the risk of a break in’s. The majority of window locks are locked with common keys, which can be easily replaced when lost.

Many older timber windows often have just a simple catch or friction stay, rather than a key operated lock. Additional locks should be retro fitted to these windows for extra security and insurance purposes.

Reinforced Glass or Security Film

By replacing standard glass with laminated, reinforced or tempered glass the risk of forced entry by breaking a window is much reduced. More force is needed to break the glass creating a lot of noise and disturbance. A cheaper alternative to replacing glass is to add security film to your existing windows. To break through a security film, an intruder would have to put a lot of force on the same location over and over.

Window Restrictors

Window restrictors are designed with safety in mind rather than security – they are a great idea if you have little ones. Restricting how far windows open can be a life saver, especially above ground floor level. But remember they will also restrict you getting out in the event of an emergency, so having the key to hand or having one window unrestricted as a fire escape is essential.

Home insurance requirements

You may need to check your insurance requirements to make sure that your windows and locks are in line with your home insurance policy. 

Security locks for businesses and commercial buildings

Window sensor alarms

Window senor alarms are a good option if you want to specifically protect a window from a break-in. These can be implemented on any window and the alarm will sound when an intruder tries to break into the property.

Window bars & security grilles.

Window security grilles are not the most aesthetically pleasing but they get the job done. Grilles mean that someone will not be able to access the building, even if they manage to smash part of the glass.

Our engineers are experts in:

Replacing espag locking mechanisms
Fixing UPVC Window Locks & Handles
Resolving seized locks

 Key take aways:

  • Complete an audit of the windows in your property, are they secure enough?
  • Any broken windows or locks need to fixed
  • Check your window lock requirements for your home insurance

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