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Yale locks will instantly secure your home without the need for a physical key, until you want to regain entry. To maximise the security of your home or business, we would highly recommend in investing in a Yale lock to protect your assets and valuable possessions in your property, in case of a burglary. A Yale lock will make it harder for an intruder to gain entry due to it's strength and resistance.

Summer Burglaries on the Rise

With June seeing record temperatures we have all been enjoying the sunshine, but unfortunately the rise in temperature also means a rise in burglaries!

We at Grays Locksmiths would like to take this opportunity to strongly advise our customers and news letter readers not to become a target of an "insecure burglary". This type of crime increases by up to 40% at this time of year. By taking simple measures like closing windows, and making sure patio doors are secure when leaving your property you can dramatically reduce the possibility of becoming a statistic.

Keep your home safe from burglaries this summer

It's not just when you leave the house that this type of crime occurs, if you are down the bottom of the garden splashing around in the paddling pool or taking in the rays is your front door locked? Are your car keys on display? Have you left valuables within reach of an open window? Are your car windows closed? These are all questions to take into consideration as most intruders will see any opportunity, and take it.

If you think you may forget to lock the front door it may be advisable to install a Yale latch, or if you have a UPVC door convert to a lever-pad mechanism which requires a key to open the door from the outside even when its unlocked. This type of conversion can be as simple as changing your handle set in some instances which is very cost effective. 90% of properties around London have either a latch or lever-pad operation on the front door, and it is becoming more and more popular around the midlands.


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