Winter Security Tips

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As the evenings get darker earlier and a greater proportion of the day is in darkness, it’s time make sure that your home is secure for the winter months.

By making your home look occupied rather than empty during the day and evenings, burglars are discouraged from breaking to your home. Research shows that the number of break-in dramatically increases during the winter months, especially around Christmas.

The following 8 winter security tips can help you to not be a victim this winter.

  1. Ensure your home looks lived in over the winter months by caring for your garden and up-keeping the appearance of your home, for example re-paint chipped paint work and cut down over-grown trees.
  2. Add locks and replace inadequate locks to sheds and garages. Tools left in the shed can aid a burglar on their mission.
  3. Adding lights that come on at dusk and switch off at dawn or senor lights around your property will deter criminals if your property is in an open location where they can be seen.
  4. Use timers on lamps and radios if you know no one will be home till late so that the house looks and sounds occupied.
  5. Ask a neighbour to open and close your curtains at the appropriate times of day if you aren’t in. Curtains that are not open or closed at the right times of day shows a sign of negligence and shows your home as an easy target if no one is in.
  6. Don’t answer the door to cold callers, especially late at night, make sure you know who you are opening your door to. Install a door restrictor so that you can view the person before you open the door.
  7. Burglars can wiggle into very small gaps so make sure you have locked all windows, if your windows are UPVC you can double lock them.
  8. Don’t leave keys under mats or in plant pots, keep them with a trusted friend or neighbour.


If your alarm system is broken or if you do not have one, we strongly recommend that you install one. As always, lock your doors and remove the keys from the door locks. Find out more about securing our home by contacting us on: 0115 942 2315.